Saturday, December 15, 2007


I was talking to my friend Kory who lives in Iowa about 2 hours ago. We were having misty rain/snow mix at the time. He was talking about how much snow they have and will have in the next few days. I said "Hey, send me some of that." I guess he did.
This was 3:00 pm - we were starting to get a small bit of accumulation...but it was sporadic.

3:01 pm in Missouri

And this was taken after I talked to my husband at 4:00. I had told him that we weren't getting much and the concrete was clean, but wet. I had to call him back after I went out for a smoke and took these


And now it is 4:30 and coming down harder and faster than ever. OMG...we are getting an entire blanket. I have to say - there are two things that I live to see and that is 1)Rain and 2)Snow falling. I'm a happy, happy girl.