Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I missed a day?? WTH??!!

Ok, I don't know how that happened. What's funny is that I thought about it last night. That's pretty amazing for me to realize I missed something that I was supposed to do. I normally don't do that.

I got some great news yesterday though. I talked about the income tax money in a previous post. Well, we got news yesterday that we get to keep the little bit that is left. Now we are definately going to have a good Christmas and I can get my son and nephew a digital camera. One is 6 and the other is 9 so they will be cheap, kids digi-cams, but its a start. They seem pretty excited about it and we've all done a lot of talking about it over the last week or so.
I've always considered myself an artsy person. My sister is an actress - and an incredible one at that - and singer. My brother is an amazingly talented artist and has been teaching himself guitar for a while now. His daughter, Breanna, is very talented. I've read things she's written and can take one fantastic photo. My mother can draw too - but I've not seen her do it a lot - and she is a writer. I've always been a theater freak (including ballets and one-person dramas). I'm all about art and raw talent. I love to sing, act, write and then there is the photography thing. With that said, it has always been my goal and dream that my kids (and anyone else I come across) will be interested in, or inspired by, artsy stuff. The thought that my son, and my nephew, want camera's so they can be like me just sends me to the moon.

I see kids every day who sit on their butts and play video games, watch horrible things on tv and nearly vomit at the idea of anything 'artsy'. So many people in my generation and younger have never been to an art museum and what's worse is that they don't even care. They see a photograph and it means nothing. The only theater they ever consider has a giant screen. Something that really burns my butt: If any boy mentions wanting to act or dance he is automatically believed to be gay. Even with my generation...if you say actor/photographer/dancer (meaning guy) there is the assumption that the person you are talking about is gay. Wait, let me stop there for a second. I am in NO WAY implying that being gay is a bad thing. I have family and friends in that lifestyle and I love them dearly. That is NOT the issue, so please do not comment or e-mail me freaking out that I have offended you.
Ok, resume thought process now -
I don't want art to be that for my kids. I want them to be artsy. I want them to admire the arts, respect it. Even if my son decides that he can life without any of that being his profession - I don't want him to look down on people that do.

I feel I may have gotten off track. What I had planned for this to sound like was that I am glad that I will be getting the chance to, hopefully, foster some love, or admiration, for photography in at least 2 kids in my life.

I also got some other hopeful news, that I can not say anything about right now...but I'm excited about it. excited with me, lol.


Melissa said...

I am excited for you :)