Monday, December 17, 2007

50/08 and Blog365

I have officially lost my ever-lovin' mind. I have joined clubs?
In the spirit of NaBloPoMo I have decided to extend it and attempt a full year of posts starting January 1st. I have also signed up to do 50/08 which is reading 50 books during the year of 2008. I attempted this last year and came close but forgot to document it. So I'm going to do better this next year. Just wanted to let you know in case you were interested in joining in. They are both on Ning and I have links to them at the bottom of this page, on the left.


Bri said...

You are officailly a crazy woman!

Indada said...

Blog365 HAHAHAHAHAHA I wish you the best of luck with that one... and I will be watching you, you know that :P

50/08 I can do. I read TONS. So that one I may actually join.

*still laughing at Blog365* I know I could NEVER complete this one... You will officially be my hero!

Kendra said...

OMG Indada, you made me lol. I love starting projects that I have no chance in Hades of finishing - its what I

Would love to have ya on with the book thing. Maybe we could bounce book ideas off each

Indada said...

I was actually looking at my pile of 'to be read' books yesterday... thinking I should make a page off my website of books I own and need to read... then I could easily comment and juggle them around as I scratch them off my list. Maybe I will do that tonight.

Indada said...

*continues laughing*

Guess what???

08 is a leap year!

And you get that day off! HAHAHAHAHAHA

I did sign up for 50/08

Kendra said...

Very cool idea on the list...I'm gonna do that too as I think of new things I want to read. Would be easier for me to keep track of