Sunday, December 16, 2007

Oh My Word

I'm fighting sleep at the moment, which is very weird for me, so I won't make any promises that any of this will make sense.

Sean and I went to Springfield today to pick up a gift for Jenn at Target - a pink & green camo purse. They DID NOT have it!!! I thought Sean was going to kill me for dragging him and the kids all the way to S-town through traffic and slush and making him deal with the seemingly millions of people who had crammed themselves into Target. It was insane!
Anyway, I did get out of there with at least one thing she's wanted. Sean compared it to buying someone a laundry basket. I'll tell you what it was after Christmas, but I assured him she specifically told me its what she wanted for Christmas.
It was just nice to get out with Sean and the kids though...even if they did beg for everything they

I actually had a conversation with my 6 year old son last night where he asked me for a cell phone. OMG, are we there already??? After he asked my 3 year old promptly followed suit and also asked for a cell phone. Hers did not stop at the question...she began begging and pleading, nearly flopping around on the floor until I gave in - which I didn't. But still! Is this really happening? (I'm sure I just made people cringe with my use of punctuation...but darn it, its fun to be off-the-wall sometimes.)

Sleep well to all of my readers...I'm gonna get some rest now :).


Chas said...

I have to confess that I have bought a cell phone for our 7 year old; it comes with some onboard games, which he enjoys playing.

Kendra said...

The more I thought about it...there is a boy across the street who is 7 and he has one...that could be where Ike's inspiration comes from. I'm just not ready for him to be asking for the big