Saturday, March 1, 2008

Blog Changes

Ok, so my blog looks a little different.
First, its March - that calls for an all-new look. Overall, I'm not happy with it. For some reason my blogger is screwing up and won't let me preview the fonts and I'm gonna leave it like it is for now and probably change things when it decides to work for me again.

Second, I'm now a part of the BlogherAds network. I'm hoping it will supplement some income. Either way, I think they are pretty cool :)

And, I'm still sick. I feel like I'm laying down in a tub of water, my head below the water's surface and listening to everyone through that. I'm sure I have a double ear-infection...but I'm hoping that ignoring it will make it go away. My ears hurt...and I'm attempting to watch all the kids without losing my mind. I feel like crap.


Bri said...

You too!! Yay! I can't get the picture to show up in my header for the life of me. Gah!

Marylin said...

ooh the new header looks good :)
I hope you're feeling better soon...

I should be hearing from blogher in the next week to see if I can advertise for them. It'd be nice if I could get the hosting paid for so my hobby doesn't cost me anything!

Kendra said...

Bri: You know, I tried that template (on your site) and I couldn't get a pic to show up either! I got frustrated with it and went back to the old (used that template on my writing blog)

Marylin: Thanks..not feeling so good at the moment, but a bit better than yesterday. Good luck on Blogher..I'm hoping that it 'pays off'