Sunday, March 9, 2008


You want to read another post about me being sick, right? Just kidding...don't steer away from this page yet :).

I have good news. I will be meeting with a woman in the morning, at 9 am, about a house. Well, not a house, but a mobile home. Its incredibly cheap (and 3 bedrooms) so Sean and I didn't have a lot of hope when we drove over to see it...but it was so CUTE! Its old...but I'm ok with that. It will be OUR house and that is all that matters to me right now.
I hope that the rest of the inside (what I coudn't see from the windows) is as well-kept as what I did manage to see. Just keep us in your thoughts and means a lot to us.

Thanks to anyone that still reads this blog. I am surprised I didn't run off EVERYONE with my obsession of trying to see how many different ways I could say "I'm sick." I don't know what I was thinking :).