Monday, March 10, 2008

Ides of March

100 points to the person who knows what the Ides of March is and 100 more to the person who can tell what play its mentioned in :).

Anyway, Sean and I could not wait until this morning to go look at the trailer so he called them back and we got to see it yesterday. Its small and old...but I'm so excited thinking about setting it up!! The Ides of March is when we can take possession of it, as long as none of the references bite us in the butt. I dont' think that will happen though - one is our pastor in Kansas and the other is Sean's boss...who loves him and just gave him a 50 cent raise while apologizing and wishing it could be more (boo-yeah!).

As soon as we get it I'll upload tons of pics for everyone.

We went to Wal-Mart last night to price stuff we need to get (vacuum, microwave, etc) and I found my new vacuum - its LIME GREEN!! We're gonna get Lylli a new big-girl bed too. Gahh, I'm so excited.
We've been living here, with our friends, for 10 months. I'm so ready to have something to call our own.


Melissa said...

The 15th of March (which er... is not today!), the day Julius Ceasar was assassinated or was going to be assassinated (don't remember which) and it's in Shakespeare's play "Julius Ceasar."

Gimme something harder ;)

Bri said...

I had no idea, I'm glad Melissa knew! It's so neat that you're getting your own place again. That's the only good part about moving, all the new stuff that goes with it! lol