Friday, April 11, 2008

My Pshyche

Back when I would open one blog after another, maybe only writing in them a handful of times, THIS was the reason why.

I, in my opinion, had a good post yesterday. Thoughtful, pretty - and this one is going to be pure shite, lol. I would only write when I had something that I thought would make people go WOW!...though no one ever did. It was only when I became 'real' that I began to make friends and gain comments...go figure :).

Randomness #1 - I got nothing accomplished today. load of laundry and picked up the trash, but here it is (as I write this) midnight and I have neither taken my 365 shot or the nablopomo shot for the day. Heck, I'm barely writing on time!

Randomness #2 - Watched The Waterhorse tonight...and cried through the majority of the movie. I was like a ball of blubbering idiot. Why? Is the movie THAT sad? *snort* No, its because I'm a goober. Show me a picture of Scotland and I mist me sweeping camera footage set to incredible instrumental music? Oh yeah, bring on the blubbering. OMG, and the little town with ACTUAL cobblestone streets??? Sean was shaking his head at me. THEN introduce a legend, who is the CuteST legend I have EVER seen...and a little boy with a Scottish accent.
It was all over people :)

Other than the fact that Scotland makes me a mushball, the movie was great. Yes it had some sad parts, so there was actual 'worthy' crying in there, but it was an interesting take on the old story.

Randomness #3 - I had one of those "HAH!" moments tonight. As Sean and I were getting the children ready to watch the movie, we were explaining what it was going to be about. Sean said, and I quote: "Its a story from where mommy comes from." *Enter yelp of joy HERE*
He tried to backtrack - and I looked straight at him and said "I am SO blogging will be forever in writing." Oh...Yeah!

Randomness #4 - They are calling for snow flurries tomorrow. Are you Freaking kidding ME? No wonder our allergies are spazzing out on us. 70 degrees one day, pouring rain and flooding the next and expecting snow in the future. WTH? Its like we live in some experimental bubble. We are the lab rats and there is some pocket-protected geek with taped glasses pulling levers to change the weather. Jacka**.

Randomness #5 - Found a few great new blogs the last couple of days that I'm going to add to my sidebar. If you are ever bored you should check out a few. I'm still looking for great blogs written by men if you know any let me know.

R #6 (yeah, laziness has struck) - I spent two hours playing around in Second Life. I am a nerd. Oh god...I hope I'm not the one pulling the levers.......
Oh wait...I don't own a pocket protector...
and I don't wear glasses....
*breathe* Oh Thank God.