Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bubbles - A 3 Year Old's Crack

I bought this awesome bubble gun-thingy today for Isaac. It was fun for the whole family :). I was skeptical when I bought it. It claimed to be able to blow bubbles INTO a larger bubble - it SO did! See:

The Bubbler Queen

This child didn't have hardly any clothes on until the bubble machine came out. I have NEVER seen a child get herself dressed so fast - her pants are on backwards. Bubbles are definately her crack :).

Bubbles - A 3 Year Old's Crack

I also promised a photo of my new chair - LOVE it. Lylli has claimed it as her own. Did I mention I have NO idea where to put this thing??

My new chair :)


Melissa said...

That chair is cool. And she is so very very cute with those bubbles :)