Sunday, April 27, 2008

Its still Today if I haven't gone to sleep...

Right? I mean, I'm a few minutes late and all...but....

Ok so today was a tad more interesting :). The kids and I got up this morning and went yard-saling. Is that right - saling? Anyway...I gave Ike $10 and he bought two racing Playstation games. Now that he has it in his room he is ALL over the gaming. At the same place Lylli bought a couple of Barbies. I had to con her into the Ken doll by telling her he was a Prince. I'm convinced that doll is slightly posessed though.

See, he had a gotee when I bought him - painted on of course. Then I get him home, we all take a nap and Jenn and the kids show up. I go to show here the doll and POOF, no facial 'hair'. Huh?? So we spend 5 minutes rubbing his face with heat and cold to see if anything will make it reappear - nothing. A little bit later Lylli takes him outside with her. Sometime after that the Guys get home from work and I motion to the dolls, telling Sean about Lylli's purchase. Ta-da! He has facial hair again. That is one freaky Ken doll - and NOT in the good way.

I also bought a chair today. I'll post a pic of this cool 'corner' chair tomorrow. It was built sometime in the 60's by a Doctor Alexander in Stockton, MO. It is gonna ROCK in photos though - will definately be a staple in my studio.

Jenn's two boys are spending the night with us tonight. I had asked Sean if we could go do something fun tonight - so we took all the kids to the local bowling alley, which also has a mini-golf course. We had SO much fun. And, I forgot my camera. A very big CRAP! was heard by all.


Melissa said...

Still catching up on old posts!

This doll has me intrigued. Try warm water. Not just heat, not just water, but warm water. And maybe a small sponge or the corner of one.