Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pink Crocs

Crocs and Capris

It was beautiful yesterday. So beautiful that Lylli and I sat on the porch. She picked flowers and brought them to me. She wore pink crocs and flowered capris...and thanked me after I took this photo.

I want yesterday back :)


Marylin said...

I'm glad ya had a good day :) but I just can't get myself to like those shoes... I've tried! I even almost bought a pair while I was pregnant just to have SOMETHING comfortable... but I couldn't do it!

Kendra said...

Lol, I hated them with a passion until my daughter decided she HAD to have a pair. I still will not wear them myself and cringe when I see adults wearing them...but OMG, on Lylli they are just the cutest things ever, lol.

When I was pregnant I lived in flip-flop sandals. I grew up hating them with a passion but when your feet are swollen and will NOT fit in normal do what you gotta do, lol. Now, I love them.