Thursday, April 10, 2008


This afternoon I was able to put a feeling...a moment...into words. Then they fluttered away with the very wind that had inspired them. I will try to remember the moment now...

There is something comforting and majestic about the winds after a storm has blown through. The temperature teases around warm and cool. The air itself is still. Birds sing with their after-the-rain freedom and the sweet, tinkling sound of wind chimes filters through your brain.
I was no longer able to stand under the canopy of the felt claustrophobic. I wanted body yearned for the caress of the wind.
I stepped from my shelter...and stopped. The wind whipped my hair back from my face, caught my capris and fluttered them against my calves. I wanted to stand in that moment forever.

There is a unique beauty in the wind. The rain may cause anxiety or give you a sense of your soul is purging your pain/fears/heartache, but the wind after the storm can give you flight. The soul is light and ready to begin again and in that peaceful moment you are allowed to just stand with peace - hand in hand.


Melissa said...

That's beautiful. And I agree.