Monday, May 5, 2008

Coming Out of the Closet

I have a secret. I am a part of a (seemingly) minority. Admitting this secret makes me feel like I should be ashamed - as if revealing it would cost me friends, family and even you, dear reader.
But...I am not ashamed of this part of myself. I love it - I love what it stands for. I love that I have the OPTION to have this secret.
Yet - there are those that would wish I feel 'dirty' because of its existence.
I'm aware that just by giving myself this label I will forever be seen differently - perhaps I'll be seen as weak, brainless, crazy, perhaps even an extremist.

I am a Republican. (insert gasps here...but please hold off on the pitchforks and stake to which I shall be tied and burned.)

I've thought about this post for days. I wanted to title it 'Where Have All the Republicans Gone?"
I watch TV and constantly see coverage of the two active Democratic candidates and very rarely see anything on the Republican side. I actively search the internet every day - wishing to connect with others and to escape the mundane. During my exploring I NEVER come across anyone who will stand up and admit to this 'secret' and yet I am constantly coming across authors who speak freely (and sometimes vehemently) about being anything but. I have come across plenty who do as I have done and chosen not to talk about it at all...who I thought 'might' be like me.
I don't know why they chose not to discuss it. Perhaps its for the reasons I mentioned above. That we feel the population at large believes we should be silent - haven't we caused enough problems already? Or that we should be ashamed of our voting choices - of our moral beliefs which often cause us to lean toward the side 'less traveled'.
Perhaps its all about choosing NOT to get into spirited (or heated and hateful) debates with our readers - to keep things light and airy. To not stir the pot, so to speak.

But oh how I have longed to just read One blog where the author stood up for what they believe and their choices over the last two Presidential terms from a Republican point of view. Someone who isn't absolutely insane :) (see, there I go with the same stereotype that so many others see...I am not immune to its power).

Then...I realized what a hypocrite I am. Was I just waiting around for someone else to stand up and shed their protective skin or will I be brave and stand when it seems no one else is? Will I open myself up to answer questions that may be uncomfortable or risk losing readers just because of this one thing?
Yes. I have to. Its important to me that I do not hide this part of myself. It is why I'm American. Its freedom.
And while I'm at it - I'm a Christian too :). (though I am in serious need of an overhaul in this area...I'm working on


Ronnica said...

I'm a Republican too, or at least I'm registered as one and generally think like one. I just think other things are more important than my political party affiliation.

When I had to declare what party I was voting yesterday at the poll, I felt so embarrassed. I'm sure I was the only Republican there, since it was a big Democrat primary, and hardly any attention was given to the "other" side.