Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saying the Wrong Things

In yesterday's post I forgot to mention how wonderful the day was. *read with intense sarcasm*

My best friend's world entered the first level of hell yesterday morning so when she brought Baby H over I was greeted with severly red eyes. I can say that my day was bad, but not nearly as bad as hers started out.

When Sean and I first got our trailer we were driving by a pest control place in town that has a sign out front that says 'Got Ants?'. I laughed and snorted something funny about the sign - 2 days later we saw the first of many ants. Ugh.
So...a few days ago, while looking through the phonebook for an ant exterminator, I made a comment to Jenn like 'At least we don't have termites.'
Yesterday Lylli yelled from her bedroom, "Mommy, Bugs!" and I went running. Once in her door I nearly peed myself. The light was shining in her bedroom window and there were at LEAST 50 bugs on the other side of the curtain. I immediately called the exterminator to make an appointment. When the lady asked me what they looked like and I described them to her she said it sounded like termites.
The guy came today - and gave me a $300 estimate for a CONFIRMED termite infestation - which I will give to the landlord.
For now Lylli is sleeping on the couch in the living room, furthering the bad habit I was trying to break her from. UGH!
Good news though - I've only seen 2 ants (compared to the nearly million I usually see a day) and they were so drugged that I swear I heard one of them say "Whatever, dude" when I started messing with them. One kinda shaked his butt at me and slid off the cup. I am a very happy woman right now, you have no idea :).

I need help making a decision so I'm going to post a poll on the sidebar and leave it open for two weeks. I don't know how difficult it would be to change, but I think I'd like to change my photography business name to that of my own instead of A Thousand Words. Perhaps KRP Photography or Kendra Puckett Photography - I really don't know. If anyone has any good ideas I'm open to them. I love the name I have now, but its unoriginal. Help! Also, if anyone would like to donate their blogger template skills to revamp my photo blog/website I'd kiss their feet and throw in a print or a piece of jewelry :). The site is and I'm sick to death of the way it looks - so plain and pointless.


Melissa said...

I always think basic black and white when I think of a photographer's website. To show off the photographs themselves and have the site just be a backdrop. So maybe something along those lines is good (because that's what works) or maybe something different -because it'd be different ;)

What kind of feel would you want?

Kendra said...

I'm a black/white kinda girl too. Mainly I want something that has personality - elegent and funky at the same time. I know those can be extremes and extremely opposite. I just want to look professional, lol. Right now it just seems like something I 'threw together' even though I've spent a lot of time on it. I just never can get anywhere new with it.

Bri said...

I'm not really sure what you should do, but I voted for keeping the current name because I, like many people, have trouble remembering names. A Thousand Words is easy to remember and not too cutsy, I think it should stay, though you could add your name to the end. A Thousand Words Photography by Kendra Puckett. I've seen photography business names like that.

Veronica said...

Dude, I am loving the visual of an ant shaking it's butt at you!

Also, sucks about the termites.

I can't create templates, but I can modify ones that you find on the free template sites. If you would like me to do something like that for you I would be more than happy to. Mostly the ones you find there are better than the blogger templates anyway. Let me know, okay?

Also, just realised that I am on your blogroll and you aren't on mine. Off to fix it :).

Melissa said...

I've been poking around a bit this morning to see what's possible. I think I can do one for you too.

Kendra said...

I am all over the 3-column look...but the template I put on the photo site/blog just seems so smushed. I've seen some that have the writing column on the Left and 2 columns on the side, kinda like a WP template.
I found one template I really liked but when I tried to use it my bar at the top, that lets you sign in, had totally disappeared...and I kinda need that :).

I used to have wordpress, back when I had the extra funds to have my own I'm rambling.

I'm geeking out about you two wanting to help....tell me what you need from me, lol.

Melissa said...

Favorite colors? (besides black and white)

Kendra said...

Hmm..I love green...and blue....and purple.

Melissa said...

What's the template you liked? (Just to get an idea)