Sunday, June 22, 2008

Celebrating June-ion

This has been a roller-coaster month. Remember when I wrote about Sean's step-sister getting in touch with me on MySpace? Well, there have been two more surprise reunions this just the last week.

The other day (when Ike stuck the seashell in his ear) Sean called me with news of his own. He was at work when a guy walked in saying that he was looking for Sean. He looked up and noticed a tattoo on the guy's arm...then looked up to see his (step)Dad - that he hasn't seen for over 14-ish years. His name is Jim and he's the ONE man in Sean's life that I have wanted to meet and thank profusely. There may be a step in front of his title...but its not really there, if you know what I mean. He was the only real dad that Sean had - taught him how to work hard and provide for his family, but he also taught him that work isn't more important than family. He took Sean fishing and camping - and the fact that he would go out of his way to see Sean again just proves he loved him. He is also the man responsible for teaching Sean manners.
Everything 'wonderful' about Sean came from this man.
The kids and I got to meet him last night - and he is EVERYTHING that I built him up to be in my head over the last 10 years...and more. We went out to eat. I had to keep myself from crying tears of joy all night as they sat next to each other telling stories...most of them I've heard already from Sean...but watching them tell the stories together, laugh together...dream come true, people. I even found out where Isaac gets his hyper-ness from, lol.
When the night was over and he was getting ready to leave...he told us he loved us...gave the kids a hug and told them he loved them..*gush*. The most wonderful part: He'll be moving here in 2 years when he retires. I am SO looking forward to that. Sean needs this man back in his life...and my kids do too.

Reunion, Part 2

Then...I had an e-mail from my BEST friend in High School, Angel. I haven't talked to her in a LONG time - and she had found me on MySpace. I've never been a fan of you, the teenaged waste-land called MySpace...but you have won me over. Now I'm just waiting for an e-mail back from her.

June has been crazy, bring bad news with it...but Oh, the good news that has come from it...its now my favorite month of this year :).

OH...and my mom will be here next Sunday..for good. She got an apartment and will be joining this great state. Yay!


Marylin said...

Oh that's just wonderful :) I'm so happy to hear he found Sean again! Sounds like he's not going to lose you all again :)


Kendra said...

I certainly hope not. We've all needed this in our lives for a long time :).