Wednesday, June 18, 2008

'Quad' Cabs Make Me Ill

This post will be filled with randomness. I've been hit with moments lately where I see something that reminds me of a feeling/thought/attitude/pet peeve that I possess...and I must blog about them, but since they aren't full post fodder I'll hold off and compile them. So, behold the random-goodness.
  • Trash bags on the side of the road freak me out. Not because I'm "Green" and pissed, but because I've watched waaaay too much CSI. I just expect body/parts to be inside them...and the thought that I'm just happily driving by...well, it freaks me out.
  • Have I mentioned that my dreams are way too intense. So bad that I think they are real and I'm usually out of breath and exhausted when I wake up.
  • I miss the SCA like crazy. Sean and I haven't been able to participate for a year. Sad thing is, I think we would have made more effort if we weren't being faced with entering a new Shire (our local group). I miss the one in Topeka so much - they feel like family to me still and I feel so strange looking around and not seeing them fighting for creating. One of the women in my old group just became Princess, soon to be Queen and I'm ill that I'm not there to be a part of it. I'm crazy excited for her.
  • I have a sick, terrible memory. I can't remember sh**. It drives me crazy - one of those things I really hate about myself.
  • I hate meeting new people, and dread it, because I know that people will probably get the wrong impression of me. I either try too hard to be funny, cuz I think they're cool, and end up sounding like an immature dork - or I clam up and they think I'm stuck up/rude/angry/boring. Its a lose lose thing for me, lol.

Ok, I know there are more that I thought of...and I KNEW I should have written them down as I went along. Anyone wanna buy me a digital voice recorder?? I can promise some wacky car conversations with Jennifer that might just make you laugh until you pee :).

Anyway, on to the title of this post. Ever since Dodge came out with the Quad Cab pick-ups I've been seriously disappointed in Dodge as a company. Not because of the quality - but because of the STUPID NAME! Think about it. Normal trucks have 1 cab...then you have Extended Cabs which are 1 and a half (with the little half doors at the back). So....the name Quad Cab implies it has 4 cabs...which it freakin' doesn't. Despite what Sean thinks/says/argues/spews it does not mean 4 doors....then it would be something stupid like Quad Door...right? RIGHT?? And...AND more than 4 people can ride in it so it can't be that....

I want to talk to the person responsible for naming it...and find out what they hell they were thinking. Why call it a Quad Cab...and not a Dual Cab...wouldn't that be the next logical step?

As you can tell this is a thorn in my side. Sean has known for years that all he has to say is Quad Cab and I will lose my sh**. Its a serious illness with me. AND I will argue endlessly about it...which is what I did last night...until I finally said that I would post my argument to the blog world and find out what they think. So now its up to all of you - please help me out. Either argue my side or give me VALID reasons why they might name it as such - kinda like a poll, k?

Your answers and opinions on this may just save my marraige...ok, its not THAT serious...but he might get to keep all his body parts they next time it comes up in conversation. Please...Help...Us...


Anonymous said...

Willie said it's a quad (door) cab. The name wasn't a problem.

Ashley @ Wide Open Wallet said...

I don't know, but I think you have some valid points. I think they are just full of them selves and dual cab wasn't manly enough for them.

christinemm said...

So what do they call a pickup truck with three doors like the one we own? LOL. Is that a triple cab?

Melissa said...

I agree with you.

Bri said...

You know, my dad has one and I always just assumed it meant 4 doors, but you're right, it doesn't make sense. The thing is, I think car companies are ridiculous anyway. The way they advertise, what they think we want, how they operate, none of it makes sense to me. Sooo after all that, I'm pretty sure I'm on your side of the argument. ;)

Kendra said...

Christine: LOL! I know, right? I *think* that's the extended cab....but who even knows anymore, lol.

Ashley: Lol. Soo true :)

Melissa: THANK you!

Bri: Exactly! I just think its sad that someone pitched the idea..and there were others nodding their heads in agreement. I have to believe that there was at least 1 person on the panel that thought it was a stupid idea.