Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dark Alley

So, I sat down to write this about 30 minutes ago and the phone rang. My friend Jenn was still at work - and was missing her keys. She couldn't lock up and the path between her van and the building was dark and narrow. I got myself ready in a hurry and rushed out to help her.

She should have mentioned that I'd want to wear sneakers. I wore flip-flops.

She led me out of the back of her work, and into a dark alley. I aimed the flashlight at my feet and roaches and various other back-alley bugs scattered into the weeds. Shards of glass and metal discarded from uncaring fiends littered our way. It was insane!!
We walked up the path to her van and then back again. Scanning and sighing that we were finding nothing but someone else's garbage - and hideous black bugs.

We entered back into the building and as she turned a corner she chuckled and looked VERY embarassed....wait, that's not the word....it was more like "oh...duh *chuckle*". They were sitting on top of the freezer.

She is such a goober - but that's why I love her. We always have such strange adventures together...and its been too long since the last one.


Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

I would have killed her, dragging me out in the dark & with bugs!! Cute story

Kendra said...

Lol thanks. I would kill her if I didn't live for this crazy stuff so much :).

Melissa said...

I wonder if THIS is why I dreamt about bugs the other night. The image of this with you in sandals freaks me out!