Monday, June 2, 2008

Playing Bass Guitar for The Eagles

Yesterday the fam and I drove down to see my brother for his birthday. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling well At ALL...but he did convince me to try to play the guitar with him. I haven't attempted to play once since high school so I did very poorly. Then he handed me the bass guitar and I so OWNED that Eagles song. I now want a bass guitar so bad....its driving me nuts! I really did have fun jamming with my brother :).

As Jenn and I picked up the kids from school today the tornado alarms went off in town. We decided to just go back to her house, as tornadoes and trailers don't really mix. I think the siren went off a total of 7 times and it looked SO nasty outside. For once I was nervous it would actually happen - but then the rain started and the clouds moved on and all was well. It made for an interesting day :).