Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Kids: In A Nutshell

But trust me, they won't fit.

In an attempt to be more life-like with this blog, I will now attempt to describe my kids. They change from day to by next week this could totally NOT be true in any way, but at least I tried.

Ike, 7:
  • Has not enjoyed, or let me enjoy, a 4th of July since he was born. Last year was mild, giving me hope for this year. He hates loud noises.
  • Is going through a 'hitting' phase that I just do not understand. If he's frustrated, he hits. If he's angry, he hits. If he's mildly displeased, he hits. Not me, thank God, but any kid his own age that is within reach.
  • His first grade teacher thinks he may have OCD. All she said in his last two P/T conferences was that he's a perfectionist. He will even skip recess so he can finish writing a story just. right. He gets that from both parents - I just don't want it to affect his relationships.
  • He whines and argues with me A LOT. Its driving me nuts.
  • He can be incredibly sweet when he wants to be - he cares when people are hurt...unless he hurt them :).
  • He is definately more of a follower than a leader - and that concerns me, especially with the world the way it is now. He tends to pick up the bad habits of others easily.
  • He can make up songs and sing them 'on the fly'.
  • He's incredibly smart. He got his Mad Math Skillz from his daddy.
  • Can make one heck of a Lego ship.
  • Is still in that wonderful stage that he won't go to bed without hugs and kisses.
  • Tells me he hates me or I'm a bad mom when he gets in trouble.
  • Still loves me at the end of the day.

Lylli, 3:

  • Is hilarious.
  • Spends the whole day watching the same movie over and over again - picking out her favorite lines/songs and 'acting' them out whenever possible.
  • She is absolutely a little me - which scares me beyond all reason :).
  • Has a Cabbage Patch doll named Demaris that she will NOT be without and treats it like her baby.
  • Is still refusing to eat 90% of the time - which scares the hell out of me.
  • Decided about 6 months ago that she did not want to take baths any more - I don't know what to do to help her not freak out. I'm at my wit's end.
  • Still has BM problems so still wears diapers *GASP*. I know - get in line behind the other people in my life who think this is a major blemish on my role as parent.
  • Freaks out daily because someone is looking/talking/touching her.
  • Freaks out many times daily over SOMETHING that is apprently equal to the world ending.
  • Has a one track mind and her conversation/freaking out will not change until the situation is remedied Her Way.
  • Loves to cuddle/give kisses.
  • Starting the "I'm gonna run from mom in the store" stage - its just not working for me.

I'm sure once I hit publish I'm going to think of a million more things - something crucial to their essence. They are so incredible, and multi-faceted that its impossible to list everything at one moment. Its hard to even take it all in each day.

They drive me crazy, and yet I could not breathe if they weren't with me.

(oh...and check out THIS Guy's Post...way better than mine, but still my inspiration for this post.)


Marylin said...

Aww they both sound like great kids :)

Zack's also at the stage of running off cause he thinks its funny - I do NOT like it one lil bit!

I'm sorry I've not been commenting hon, I have still been reading every day though!

Kendra said...

I didn't even get an e-mail that you had commented on this! Ugh, yahoo....Anyway, lol.

I remember when Isaac went through this, drove me crazy. I thought Lylli would just sail over this one - I guess I was wrong, lol.

That's ok - like to know your readin though :).