Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In One Ear...Out The Other

Not Quite.

Other Title ideas: Different ER, Same Child, The Rarest Shell: The Earshell

See where this is going? Maybe this photo will help.
Pesky Things, those Earshells

So, my son is in summer school and Jenn has to be at work by 2. I get a call from the school nurse at 1:20. She *tries* to tell me that my son has stuck a seashell in his ear...without laughing. She's hiding it well, but I can tell it in her voice. I know she's concerned...but c'mon people, this is kinda absurd. She said that he'd told her he "wanted to see if he put it in one ear, would it come out the other." That's when I started laughing. My a dork, lol.
Jenn calls into work to tell them she'll be late, and I hear laughter when she tells them why.

So I pick him up and we head to the ER, and the whole drive there I'm trying to tell him how important it is that we not stick things in our ears.
Ike: What about for safe keeping?
Me: What? NO...that's why you have pockets...or even a box, I'll buy you a box for stuff like this. Just don't put things in your ear!

We get to the ER. I walk to the desk and tell them why I'm there - they laugh. Yeah, I know, just give me my paperwork so I can begin the long wait that you are famous for.
Obviously they got it out, with no real trouble. Isaac kinda freaked when he saw the forceps, they were shaped like scissors. On the way there he asked if they'd have to cut his ear off - you can see why this did not go over well.
I have to pick up ear drops tomorrow (just remembered them, d'oh!) and probably take Lylli to the doctor. She's had a fever for a couple of days and been sleeping a lot. No visible sign she's sick, like runny nose/cough...just the fever. I'm pretty worried about her.


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

At least you were able to see the funny in it. Cause, really, it is pretty funny! Get the boy a box, and STAT!

Melissa said...

I stuck a bead in my nose when I was 3 because I was positive it would fit and I wanted to see if I was right. I was. ;)

Kendra said...


I was irritated until the nurse giggled...then I lost it. The shell is still on my desk, sitting in a urine sample cup. I laugh a litle every time I see it.

Melissa: Did you get it out...or did they take you to the doctor? lol

Melissa said...

No it's still there.


They didn't take me to the doctor but they were talking about it. They seemed really concerned. I didn't know what the big deal was. It was just a bead. I mean I wasn't able to get it out myself but I didn't understand why they were so alarmed and looked so scared.

They got it out eventually.

I really like Ike's "What about for safe keeping?" logic because I think that would have made perfect sense to me!

Kendra said...

ROFL!!! Yeah, its obvious that I didn't think very long before I wrote that comment. Of course you got it out - in my defense I was thinking more along the lines of 'that day'.

I've said it before, I'll say it again...I'm a dork, lol.

Melissa said...

I'm just being a wise a$$ ;)

Did you see my response to Joe in my Victorian Gardens post where he asked if I had a gang tatoo?