Monday, July 7, 2008

I Plurk

I found a new addiction. Seriously. Its like Twitter and IM all in one and its called Plurk. There are tons of people already on it - I feel like I'm probably the last one to hear about it.

I already had Twitter so I didn't sign up at first...I thought it would just be a waste of my time. I thought it'd be just another lame thing that I'd forget about in a few days. I was SO wrong.

Ok, if you wanna sign up for it you can use this link and instantly have me for a friend (I literally typed fiend...I'll accept that too :)).

I've had a great couple of days off - but I'm still feeling creatively challenged. I haven't photographed anything 'amazing' in a while and its eating me alive. I need to create something...DO something.
I'm just so consumed with watching kids and my MOM that I don't have time for anything else. And, the house is a that doesn't help. I wish I just had an extra room that I could set up a studio in and lock the door when its not in use. That is on my wishlist.

Good news: Lylli pooped in the potty yesterday so I promised I'd buy her the new Barbie that she's been wanting for a while. When we got back to my mother's after our trip to Wal-Mart I noticed she was holding herself. (she won't pee in her diaper if her clothes are on) So I ran her in the house and sat her on mom's potty.....and she PEED!!! OMG you have no idea how huge this is! I think this may be easier than I thought it'd be - send good thoughts our way, ok?

I'm totally freaking out about my trip next month - I just hope it actually happens. I NEED it so bad and it sounds so much cooler than just having a week without kids - a condo, the beach, a Wii, a PS3 and a bunch of cool people (most of whom I've never met) that are my age. AND its somewhere I've never been before...and I'll get to ride the train to get there (something I've never done)...AND I'll have stops in Chicago and Washington. I'm STOKED...but trying to remain calm at the same time. Gahh!


Amy said...

Congrats on that potty traing venture, I think that was the worst part of parenting for me, getting them to use the toilet.

My Life My Life My Life said...

I know how you feel about being creatively challenged. Maybe a little. You make money off of your creations... and I dont but I I havent done anything. I like what you do.

Kendra said...

I would *like* to make money off of what I do, lol. I'm still getting started with all that. What is even more important to me is what you are talking about - that artist side of me. Feeling 'off' is exactly how I describe it :)

and thank you :) You made my day.