Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Introduction: Chance

Oh gosh, I have more amazing news. Sean and I have wanted to add to our family for a long time - something small and cuddly. We've held off for various reasons and Sean just didn't seem like he was into it.

UNTIL - Last night Sean came in as I was on my way out to take Ike to his parent-teacher conference (you don't want to know - but good thing is my son is a spelling is mother, lol). He was covered in dog hair. I assumed it was from the dog's at his work but asked him anyway and he said "Our dog." took me a second to catch on. I started to flip out with the excitement and was a little nervous to what he was getting out of the truck. Then I saw this face:


Love at first sight people - seriously. He just cuddled up in my arms like he's known me forever *gush gush*.

After Ike and I got back, the family drove out to Wal-Mart to get the needed supplies and argued over what his name should be - Isaac went through every boy name he's ever known from school and finally we decided on Chance. Like: This is his second chance.

Apparently, someone Sean knows through work just found him wandering around their neighborhood - and its getting cold out there.

Sean loves him - and its definately mutual. He loves just curling up in Sean's lap and sleeping.

Second Chances
(though he's not sleeping in this pic - he saw the camera and just sat up and posed for me *more gushing*) Then after photos were done he curled up around my camera - a dog after my own heart :).
I gave Sean some puppy dog eyes of my own last night and Chance got to sleep with us - and slept by me ALL NIGHT! I'd move and feel this little furry body and go 'awwww'.
We have no idea how old he is but discovered last night that his teeth are still small and sharp - and he only has a few of them. I did some research online today and I think he's a Japanese Chin (type of Spaniel) but his hair hasn't grown out yet (or he's mixed with something). He's potty-trained as far as I can tell - he hasn't gone in the house and has gone out with us when we smoke and potties then.

I'm in LURVE!!
Day 254 - 10/28/2009


Marylin said...

Aww he's such a cutey!

I can't help but wonder though... could he be lost? I wouldn't have thought such a gorgeous lil dude would be a stray!

Kendra said...

They had him for a few days but there were no signs, no tags on him - They said they had been seeing him wandering around for a while.

I'm with you though - it does make me wonder - I'm 99.9% sure he's a Chin, and I'd bet he's full-blooded. Its so sad that he was out there - he just a widdle baby.