Friday, December 26, 2008

THIS was Christmas :)

Wow, what an amazing day we had yesterday. I thought I'd throw in a few photos before I get the rest downloaded.
First - my son LOVES him some moon sand :)
He loves him some Moon Sand
Lylli got some new jeans from K-mart (thank God for a great Clearance sale. She needed these SO bad...and she is just adorable in them :))
My Pants are Bangin'
My babies together by the tree.
Christmas Siblings
After we opened presents we went to our extended Framily's house (friends/family). This is a shot of Lylli with bows in her hair. I hadn't done this in a while and I am so glad I did...isn't she just a doll??

Then, after we went there we drove out to my brother's house to see him and his family. He got out his guitar and played for us a bit. Then Becky, a friend of the family since I was a kid, showed up. Totally inappropriate Christmas conversation followed and we laughed until we all nearly peed on the couch due to our old age.
My sis and her new Fiance!!! Jeff arrived and even more (worse?) inappropriate conversation came around. I haven't laughed that hard in a while :)Oh My Gawd!!!
My Sis is Gettin' Married


Denise H said...

Great pictures! looks like you guys had a fabulous time and WHAT is moon and sand? cake?

Kendra said...

Lol, Moon Sand is sand - that you can mold like clay. Its grossly messy but the kids have wanted it FOREVER!! I kept telling them no, but when I saw it at T4T's I had to grab it. I knew it would make Ike's Christmas.