Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Obligatory Christmas Post

Christmas was....meh. Isaac woke us up early, standing next to our bed and breathing heavy with excitement. "Mom. Dad. I'm awake." "Dude, go to your room." (The 'dude' is there because that's how I talk when I get woken up at oh-my-god-o'clock and I'm scared into conciousness.) "But...I'm awake." "Yeah...I can see that. Now go to your room. I'll be up in a minute."

15 minutes later I woke up again and stumbled into the bathroom. I could hear Ike and Lylli in their room whispering and then I hear Lylli say: " that snow?" Then, I kid you not, I can hear both of them shooting out of their beds and Isaac's feet hitting the floor as he runs...then a thud when he hits the window. He HIT THE WINDOW! Then crazy yells "It SNOWED!!!" Yes, there were three exclamations marks...really.

This is the first year since I was a kid that we've had a white Christmas (I just typed Christ 3 times to capitalize the 'c'....see how much I love you people?) and I'm really glad that the kids will have at least one to remember. Of course, for the rest of the day I had to hear Lylli ask me if she could play in the snow. All. Freakin'. Day.

The roads weren't as bad as I thought they'd be, but since we had to drive on a couple 'back roads' to get to the fam's house we thought maybe we wouldn't make it to both get-togethers. We got to our honorary family's house and had 'breakfast for lunch'...OMG I was so stuffed on bacon, buscuits, gravy, sausage, and pancakes (made with 7up)...and decided that maybe we should try to make it out to see my bro and SIL. So, we loaded up and headed out...and almost went off the road on a patch of ice not even a half-mile from the previous house. UGH.
Anyway, we made it there safely, stayed for an hour and watched our daughter open a never-ending backpack filled with princess-themed goodness.
On the way back we DID go off the road. Sean is an expert at ice patches and handled it well...until I noticed the little tree we were heading for and I started chanting "No tree. No, no tree." Like it was about to pee on the carpet...sheesh. Sean swerved in time and we stopped safely in some stranger's front yard. Awesome.

All in all? Great Christmas...I just wish we hadn't spent so much time in the van. We decided on the way home that from now on we are limiting it to only one family get-together a day. We missed the best of both houses and it kinda sucked.

I shall leave you with photos of my kids geekin' out over their presents.

Boys and Their Toys
Happy Girl

Ok, so you see how big the box look at the GUN!!! Its huge, almost as tall as Lylli. It's actually 2 guns in one, which is great for when their dad and I have war with each other after the kids go to bed...Ahem.

Good Lord!!!

This next one: Lylli was loading it and Sean told her to make sure nothing was in there. Something about him wanting to get a pic of her making a goofy face so he could title it "Girls Just Don't Understand"....he is such a sexist pig, lol. We do too understand. BTW, Sean...I totally pwned you earlier when we were shooting targets. I got more than you NEENER!!!

Taking Aim
Huntin' for Wabbits


Mackenzies Momma said...

We had a white christmas last year(four feet of snow qualifies right?) and it kind of actually sucked. But then again that was day...8,9? of isolation(we got snowed in on the 16th couldn't get out until the 28th).

This year we had a permafrost Christmas(white but in a different way) which was actually quite enjoyable. Well other than the trip to the ER on Christmas eve.

Great pictures and scary about the off the road thing. Though I totally empathize. When I was in my teens we were driving into town and the truck spun out and actually hit a telephone pole(not hard and not head on, just in the front bumper) so I kind of *freak* about ice.

Oh also? your word verification just made me shudder then giggle. it gave me 'mantie'

Kendra said...

Mantie!!!!! I just busted out the really loud guffaw over that one. Awesome!

Mackenzies Momma said...

I know I couldn't help but guffaw'ing too. I mean MANTIE? seriously? really? whats it trying to do to me?

(on a related note? monshot)