Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy F'in Spring

I need to rant.....

Today is Sunday....Chad and Sean are off today so normally we'd have a house full of 9 people. The men would be in the garage tearing something apart of putting it back together. Kids would be on the trampoline, riding bikes or chasing each other with nerf guns. Jenn would be cleaning (probably...) and I would be on my computer (ahem) or outside practicing my archery. Since Spring is nearly here and we've had a run of nice days I'd assume that it would be mild and nice enough to not need a coat. We'd be happy and carefree......


Today is Sunday....we got 2 inches of snow last night, covering a layer of ice from the freezing rain and sleet that pummeled down on us yesterday. Chad's parents and 4 other family members came into town (barely) yesterday. They had planned on getting a hotel, but couldn't get any further than the end of the street. His mother and step-father are really nice and funny people. The teenage neice that came with them is really cool, along with an adult cousin. The two boys they brought with them are driving me batshit....pardon my language. They do NOT listen, talk back and even convinced our boys that using the lid of the toy box to sled down the stairs was a good idea.....this morning......while I was trying to sleep off a headache and bad night's "sleep"....RIGHT BESIDE MY HEAD WHERE THE STAIR MEETS OUR WALL!!!! What's worse? We told them yesterday that it was absolutely not acceptable. Chad and Sean are outside trying to unclog the sewage system so any of the current 15 residents of this house can use the restroom.....I desperately need to pee and have since I got up. Its 4:30 pm.

Its also our 11 year wedding anniversary.



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