Thursday, September 2, 2010

Art is Intense

I saw that NaBloPoMo's theme for this month was Art and I made a decision to join...I was excited about it. But what did I do? I forgot to post anything yesterday. Ugh. So I'm starting today and I will give my most valiant effort to post every day about art for the rest of this month.

First things - I consider myself an artist. I am a photographer, or at least I like to call myself one. I'm a writer, I love to sing, I even love to paint...but, since I can't draw, its usually just crazy painted lines on a canvas or piece of paper. I love to design houses...yes, I consider architecture art.

Seeing the things that others have created with an image in their minds always amazes me. Whether its lines of poetry or lines of a cathedral, it first came from a thought and these amazing people turned it into a reality. Their reality then makes us cry, gasp, stare in wonder, laugh...intense emotions sometimes, that stay with us long after the creation is gone from our vision.

Every day, I intend to showcase an artist from a different medium...someone that has spoken to me on some level. I hope you enjoy and I hope that my favorites can inspire you, as they have inspired me.


Mackenzies Momma said...

I'll be very curious to see what artists you choose to feature as I enjoy seeing others favorite art.