Sunday, September 5, 2010

Art Post 1: Photography

I spend a good deal of my time on flickr - whether its looking through my contact's work or though the Explore page. I've found so many amazing artists on there that show a passion for their work...some amateur, some professional, and some just sharing their creativity.

Like this woman:
experiencing space

This photo, and the following one, were done by BrookeShaden ...her work inspires me. This second one is part of her Re-Imaging of Ophelia series...and yes, is a photograph.

the aftermath

Next up is Alexa Sinclair, who is really photographer and digital artist all-in-one. Her work is incredible. This photo is from her Regal Twelve series...see it HERE on her blog. If you go through the photos, you will see my favorite....if you know me at all you will be able to recognize it by the lady's attire :D. I didn't post it here because it's obviously NSFW. This one is also a favorite.....Archer!! lol

Christina of Sweden - The Androgynous Queen

Then we have Anna Gay (I swear, there are some guy photogs that I like, lol). I can't share her photos here, and I will not save to my you will have to trust me and go check out her flickr page :).

Next up: Mr. Flibble . He cracks me up.

221/365: My death curing experiments haven't exactly been a resounding success

102/365: New Shoes!

A Daddy-Photog: JWLPhotography. He creates incredible portraits of his daughters.

101 uses for gaffers tape

I'll show some more tomorrow. Once I started with this post I realize how many I want to share and I guess its good I have a month to fill, lol.


nico said...

indeed there are plenty of artist.. only a few stand out. others use it for advertising others for capturing the moments, others for company endorsement.