Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mi Vida Loca

I am at work...on my day off...hanging out. I'm answering random phone calls just to have something to do. I was here to help...and I could have gone home a couple hours ago. However, when all your local friends are at work, its really the only only logical, fun place to be. I'm here for a reason..I have one more gift to give to a coworker/friend, and then I can go home. So far my gifts have been well received and I'm very happy about that.

I've been working a lot and hanging out with my kiddos on the weekends when I can. Unfortunately, work will be ending on the 4th of December...until around April next year. Unless my amazing boss finds work elsewhere and takes me with she has promised.

After working for a few months now, I've realized how much I need and miss it. I'm such a happier, more peaceful person....and having money has and extra health bonus attached.

Lars will be back in just 15 days and will spend Christmas and New Years' with us. I'm so excited for him to be coming home for a little while...I just wish he was coming home to stay. Saying goodbye is the hardest part and I try not to think constantly about how it felt last time.

I know my posts are full of random drivel now. I'm sorry. I just don't seem to have the time to be poignant and honestly, I'm in on a 'no emotion' diet right now. No emotion makes it impossible to be creative as well....