Saturday, January 7, 2012

Scratching One Off the Bucket List

6 years ago I met someone who taught me to not be afraid of everything - and if I am truly afraid, to fight against it and do what scares me.  Out of that I made a goal for myself - ride in a helicopter.  I am terrified of heights, scared of being in the air.  I always imagined that if I got in an airplane that I'd have to be sedated or climb the walls.  I've dreamt about it all, soaring above it all and then other dreams where things are crashing down.  Flying was a deep fear - and the idea of a helicopter was the worst fear.
Then someone was talking to me and said, "If you can ride in a helicopter, a plane will be no issue for you."  So I decided right then that before I ever boarded my first plane to anywhere, I'd ride in a helicopter.  For one, its a shorter flight and can be put down directly if I start losing my mind...and 2 - you see everything.  There are no other people to block you from the windows...its just you and the world...or so I imagined.

I was right :)

(Had to add the pic of my amazing man - the one who, 6 years ago, inspired me to conquer my fear.  How perfect it was to have him next to me for my first, but not last, heli ride.)

A little before Christmas, my best friend (hope she doesn't mind me calling her that, lol) asked me if I wanted something that her husband won at a work party.  It was a helicopter ride for two - and I nearly died right there. Absolute perfect Christmas present.  Not only for me, but for Lars also. He has always wanted to ride in one as well - a first for us both :).
I was terrified, of course.  Smoked a cig right before the flight - the pilot came to the door at that moment to unlock it for us, and laughed out loud.  I must have had THAT look on my face.  By the way, she made the experience so much better than I could have imagined. Super friendly, but definitely knew her heli, explained things to me and stayed calm.  She was brilliant. (Chopper Charter in Branson, MO - ask for Joanne Boyer).
So the first part of the flight I was nervous.  Takeoff was beautiful - actually going towards water turned my legs to jelly and I was afraid to let go of the bar in front of me.  A few times we dipped and my stomach flipped...but by the end of the flight I had this huge grin on my face and I felt so relaxed.  Something I never imagined, I can tell you.
I conquered my fear...there is nothing greater than that.


Foto Clipping said...

seems to me a heaven!! nice pics by da way!


Kendra said... really was.