Monday, July 23, 2012

World = My Oyster

Forgive the crappy photo but I have joined the 30% of Americans that has a passport.  I knew getting it would be a big deal for me...that I would be excited to have one.

I didn't know that my hands would shake so bad trying to get the pkg opened or that it would make me cry.  I sat here after my sister and mom walked out the door and picked it up again, giving myself a moment to think about how cool it is to be holding it.  I read the American quotes and I teared up.  Then I realized that in the second I opened that package and put my hands on this little blue book that my world was different now. Bigger.  I'm no longer locked in the confines of the US...that the world is open to me.  I can right now hop on a plane and go so many places that I've only dreamed about. I could go anything. 

And right now I'm in the process of getting money that will buy me my first plane ticket, first international flight and first trip to Holland.  I'm so excited I'm just busting at the seams.  This has been in the process for a couple months nearly but I didn't want to say anything until it was more of a possibility.  I am one happy woman right now.