Thursday, June 11, 2015

Not So Great

Well today wasn't the greatest I've had in a while.  I've been fighting a migraine which is most likely from my allergies flaring up again. Along with the fun stuff that has happened since the last time I was on, I've become friends with Flonase.

 Remember that giant rabbit from the last post?  I'm fairly certain that I'm allergic to him.  If I don't take my allergy meds every day I get migraines, which wonderfully lead to muscle aches, and my eye waters and then seals shut.  I'm incredibly attractive during that fun...let me tell you.  So much so that I've been affectionately called "Fart Eye" at work :P.  The thought was that my magical bunny farted in my eye and made me more awesome.

*  They don't....

So, as I was saying, I ran out of my allergy meds yesterday and all it has taken is 1 day of not having it for the headache to start my right eye was watering a bit.  Ugh.

He's cute though.  (That's not him in the pic, by the way.  WAY to small to be our Fergal.)

Found this and I really enjoy it.....

I hope you enjoyed it too.  I'm off to bed, hoping that this headache stops overnight. I promise something better tomorrow.