Sunday, June 14, 2015

Coming back up for air

Yesterday was an unpleasant day :(. I ended up leaving work early because of my stupid headache.  With the pain going into my neck and shoulders...ugh, it hurt to move.  I really planned to post yesterday but it would have been quite sad.  By quite sad, I mean more sad then this post will be :).

The piece of crap car I drive is still scaring the crap out of me.  I was able to make an appointment with the place I'm getting it from.  The lady sounded concerned and wanted to see it...not that it means she will help me though.  If they didn't check all this out before I got it, then I'm not sure I trust their judgement now.  I'll let you all know when I have some answers about that one.  BUT, today Lars and I drove over and bought new brake pads so when a friend of mine has time to fix the brakes, its all ready for him.

Wow...that was a boring intro.

Here's a flower-type thing to make it better...

Lars and I took another walk around the apartments today and I shot this. I took a couple others I'd like to share...

I just had to show off a smile from Maggie :).

I enjoy taking the .4 mile walk with him, which is only a lap, its just hard for me to get into it.  I quit smoking back in November of last year - for good this time - and my lungs aren't very strong still. I actually think it has more to do with my allergies.  When I'm not having a flare-up I seem to be able to go longer and faster.
Either way, I need to pick it up over the next year.  I'm going to be participating in my first 5k!  Its an insane idea, but it gives me a goal to work for.  Well, other than being healthier, showing my kids a better know, all that other stuff :).
The idea for the 5k, which I never thought I would ever do, came from a co-worker. We started a 'Biggest Loser' type challenge at work  and money is a big motivator, but she took it a step further and at first I laughed, but I'm tired of laughing. I'm tired of my health being a joke to me, or anyone else.

Lars and I are trying to eat healthier and I've got my kids on board, for the most part. Ike is in football this year so with his workouts and everything else, his eating won't be affected. He is a growing, athletic boy - I'm not worried about him right now.
Lylli has been having issues at school with bullies and it just makes me sad for her.  I want her to be happy no matter what...but I want her health to be important to her too.  She is having fun finding low carb options for us and she's been making good choices when she's here. She wants to do the 5k with us so, now that summer has started, she will be swimming a lot and going on walks with us.

                                                                 Me and my Mini-me
Poor thing...she looks so much like me :P.