Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Website Overload

I've been working so hard on reviving old blogs that I nearly forgot to post here today - I would not have been pleased.

~I'm working on getting A Thousand Printed Words going again.  I'm doing a 30 in '15 book challenge and I want to document it.  I may also use it as a place to voice my opinion about the horrible books that I sometimes find on Amazon under Free.  Seriously though...its free.  I never really expect much anyway.

~I did write a blog about my travel to Holland and our wedding.  I'm in the process of moving it all over to Wordpress, but the old blog with all videos is at Kendra: International.

Let's see...what else.... kiddos have grown up a bit.  Isaac is now 14 and will be moving into high school this next August.  He is a super smart kid and I'm so proud of who he is becoming. He still has some issues - BUT he is a teenager so I think I'm pretty lucky so far. These pics are from his 14th birthday party.  I took him to Starlite Theater in Branson, Mo where they have this super awesome banana split (his favorite dessert). He wasn't feeling well so we were able to eat this, watch Buckets N Boards and then headed home.  (This post has alerted me to the fact that I need to get my photographer butt out and take some portraits of my

Lyllian is 10 now and ohmylordy! she is a diva :p.  She is currently taking tests to see if she can be in the gifted program at her current school.  She loves to read and generally drive me crazy.  I took her to see Disney's The Little Mermaid at the White House Theater and had about an hour before the show that was just girl time.  We giggled and got stupid looks from strangers.  I know I'm doing something right when she saw it and laughed.  It didn't crush her like it would have me as a child.  I'm proud of her for that.  Even better, she settled down when the show started to let those dummy-heads know that she can be a lady too.

~I have a husband :)  See below...

~Lars has made it necessary for us to have a rabbit.  He is a Flemish Giant named Fergal and he is not done growing.....

Occasionally he plays my computer when I'm not around...I've tried to discourage this... his happy face....

Fergal big as my Dorkie Shih Tzu Maggie...

Which leads to the fact that my beautiful daughter convinced me we needed a Maggie..

Ok, enough for now....more tomorrow :)


Dow Escalante said...

Great job Kendra! I'm glad you're getting back into blogging. I really enjoyed the pictures, but I have to say that the rabbit scares me. He's going to take over the home soon (probably already has). I'd buy a big gun...just sayin. :) Keep blogging!!!
P.S. Can I have a chicharrones?