Wednesday, November 7, 2007


This morning my husband helped our son get ready for school, since I refused to haul my butt out of the bed. Not long after the bus left Sean came into our room and said, "I know you don't want to get up right now, but you have GOT to come outside. The leaves are falling off the trees and you can hear it."

HUH??? I thought he was just being a smarta** and wanted me to get up because he had to be. To keep the peace I climbed out of the bed, grabbed a coat, herded a two year old out of the room, listened to a 3 year old scream because I had forgot her, go back for the 3 year old then search for the sippy cup, and finally made my way out into the finger-freezing cold. I grabbed a cigarette as my bare feet began the process of develping frost bite from the concrete and turned around to see my husband staring at the tree in our front yard.

Then...I heard it. Due to the frost last night, the leaves were so heavy they were falling off of the trees in clumps. Clumps that sounded like rain. Trees all around us were shedding their green, orange and red coats. It was just...a magical moment. What is more husband noticed it. (Then told me I had to blog about He is not the "stop and smell the roses" kinda guy. He's more of a "roses die" kinda I was impressed and surprised. It was worth getting up way too early and freezing my butt off.

In other news, I went to Ike's school program last night. It was cute and I loved hearing a few songs from around the world. Watching the music teacher shake her booty in front of a couple hundred people was priceless. I wish I had her courage.
I cried for the first 15 minutes of the program. First it was because it was my little boy up there. Second was because my nephew was up there. Then it was because both of them were up on the same stage and I was there to see it. Which merged into the fact that both familes, best friends since High School, were together watching our kids on the same stage. Yeah, I was blubbering by that last bit and had to get control of myself. Oh...and when the curtains opened it was like opening night of a Hollywood premiere. Soooo many flashbulbs going off I'm surprised the kids were able to see the teacher and her manic gyrations. (did I spell that right? Man, my spelling has been really off lately.)


Bri said...

that sounds neat, wish I'd seen it!

Kendra said...

It really was a beautiful sight :)