Sunday, May 18, 2008

Double Super-Sonic Speed {Part 1}

Instead of explaining the title right away I'm gonna tell you about my I experienced it. You'll (hopefully) realize that it has two meanings.

It was planned that I would take the kids down to my brother's house on Friday night - but you know that 'feeling' that something isn't going to go right can nag you? Yeah, well, Friday morning my SIL e-mailed me to tell me that one of the girls was sick but if she was feeling better that night then I could bring my two down on Saturday. So, Sean and I took the kids out to eat (for my birthday) at Olive Garden (YUMM!!). Great night.

Saturday morning I woke up early and took the kids down to my brother's house. They live about an hour and a half from me - so 3 hour round trip. Following me so far? I rushed home so I could be here for a phonecall from Melissa, who has created an AWESOME photo-blog/site for me (which none of you can see for about a week, lol).
The call was about 3 o'clock and once it was done I waited for Jenn to get here so we could head to Springfield to celebrate my birthday with adults :). Bowling and craziness was in the forecast.

BUT - that feeling was on my heels again and at 5:00 (when we were getting ready to leave) my brother calls me. He wasn't panicky, but he sounded stressed and worried and there was a child SCREAMING in the background. Turns out it was my child - my 7 year old son. "Hon, Isaac had an accident. He doesn't remember what happened but he has a bump on his head, his nose is swollen and bleeding and he's scratched up everywhere. Its pretty bad. Do you want me to take him to the hospital?"
Ok - I'll be honest. I know my son has the tendency to freak out over a scab coming off so the sound of him shrieking didn't really cause me to panic. My brother did sound a little freaked out. But, I was still in that Party mindset and tried to shrug it off. I was absolutely being selfish.
Jenn and I drove to Springfield (to pick up Sean) and even though my brother was calling every 15 minutes updating me, I still thought it would just blow over and I could still get my groove on.
Sean called when we got there and they had decided to take him to Skaggs in Branson, which was 45 minutes or so away from us - oh, its a hospital. (The one I was born in almost 27 years ago.)
SO, Sean and I decided to take Jenn's van (she was amazing to offer it to us) and headed out to him.
Hwy 65Hwy 65Hwy 65
This is what I saw when we finally got there and were escorted to his room:
My Baby Boy
Double Super-Sonic Speed
(sorry its blurry - I didn't care much at the time.)
Um, yeah. Internally Sean and I crumbled - and people, this is NOT the half of it. He has road-rash all over his chest, the skin is gone off of his knee and two places on his foot, his left shoulder is minus skin, his back has scratches on it and the backs of his hands are skinned. He was shaking and would jump every now and then when the pain in his leg got to bad. But he was SO good. He did not scream or cry - I could NOT have handled it as way. The doctor was told that we were there and he came in to talk to us. He was Exceptional! Then I was given the option to give my son Tylenol with codeine or Morphine. MORPHINE?! I explained the options to him - he chose tylenol and I was happy, lol.
Eventually I walked down the hall with him toward x-ray. I can say that I've seen inside my son's mind - and its gray and gushy :). They did a CT scan (which he loved because it moved like a ride) and 11 x-rays. By this time he was chatty and when he was told not to move he didn't - such a little man.
Then we got back to the room - and he asked if he could go back to his Aunt and Uncle's house to spend the night...and that this was the best day of his life. WHAT? Suddenly visions of him as a famous stunt man or BMX'r flashed through my mind. He was on tv talking about how many bones he's broken - like a badge of honor. In re-telling the story to me and Sean he said that he was "Going Double Super-Sonic Speed" down a gravel hill and was going too fast so he jumped off, rolled, and flipped over, sliding on his belly.

As this is a long post already I'll talk about the rest of the evening, and today (Sunday), tomorrow.


Marylin said...

Oh my god, poor lil guy :(

I wonder what happened for him to get in such a state!! Hope he's ok xx

Anonymous said...

Boys and their scars-will make a great story.

Melissa said...

I'm so behind in my blog reading. I can't believe this happened right after we spoke! Is he ok?

Kendra said...

He is much better now. The swelling has gone down in his face and the black-eye look is fading :). I think his forehead will scar, but thank GOD that he didn't break anything. He was incredibly lucky.