Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Journey to Motherhood: Part 2

So at this point I will start with my July 31st 'diary' entry and spare you the details of my cycle, lol.

~July 31 Still no period this month. Buying test tomorrow. (Can you tell how excited I was?)
~August 2 Morning sickness? Nauseous and stomach pain. Missed most of work. Stopped around 12:30. Little twinges later. Very tired.
~August 3 Woke up with pain, like gas. Went away before I left for work. Felt like could be kidney infection. Got to work, empty painful feeling at waist. Not as bad as yesterday. No nausea at 8:10. Took pregnancy test - POSITIVE! Yay!!!
~August 4 Pain comes after I sleep. This morning wasn't so bad, but tonight, after sleeping for work. (I worked as a night auditor at the hotel at this point, so I slept during the day.) I just had to get up and spend the usual 30 minutes in the bathroom. I don't like this :( Nauseous at work, but no pain. (I had to set out breakfast and make coffee...the smell of coffee made me SO ill.)
~August 7 Made 1:30 appt. with new Dr. on 8/10 - Thursday. Initial pregnancy visit.
~August 10 8 weeks today!! Dr. is wonderful. They did a pap and exam. Took blood for lab, plus are checking my thyroid. She says my due date is March 22nd, isn't that a riot? Her b-day is 3/8 - can't forget. Appt. 9/11/00 @9 am
~Sept. 11 Sean and I went for 2nd Dr. visit. Heard wonderful sound - Heartbeat! I lost weight. Changed possible due date to March 30th. Next appt 10-10-00.
~October 11 Dr. couldn't get heartbeat so sent me to get sonogram. Said there is possibility I'm having twins. Saw very active beautiful baby. Had lost 3 pounds, but grew 9 cm. Says I'm too big for normal 16 6/7 week of pregnancy. Next Dr. visit Nov. 8. Gave me antibiotics for cold and little kidney thing. Declined AFP test.
~October 19 Went to see Dr. today for dizziness. Found out I'm allergic to penicillin (amoxycillan). Oops! Gave me meds for dizziness.
~November 8 Everything is fine. We heard the heartbeat, but the baby kept moving around. We are doing a sonogram on the 17th at 1:30 I can't wait. She said they'll look for a sex if we want them too. Yeah! Next appt Dec. 6. Gained 2 pounds. Urine fine.
~November 17 Well the sonogram showed one baby but it showed the sizes of the baby being 19w5days. That made the due date April 8th. I wish I knew for sure :). I'll just be happy whenever it gets here. It weighs .7 pounds and the heart rate was 142 bpm. Couldn't tell a sex, but we did see the baby w/ legs spread and on its back. I'm thinking girl. Really don't care which though. Someone else said that happened to her & it was a girl.
~December 6 Dr. said everything looked fine, but had to have sonogram on 12/07. They didn't tell me anything, but said doc would get results sometime this week. Heart rate was 160bpm. Good. I have to be tested for gestational diabetes on January ?...Sometime that first week. Hand numbness and pain in my side is nothing to worry about. Said baby is active! (Pain in side turned out to be Ike pinching my sciatic nerve - still have problems with that and the fact that he was active gave me little comfort. My mother had a stillborn birth from an 'active' baby getting the cord wrapped around its neck.)
~December 27 Baby was laying across my tummy so they don't know what the sex is. Said everything is looking great with both of us. I gained 12 pounds since last visit. Only gained 17 pounds for whole pregnancy which is healthy she says. Said I need to get a tour of the hospital set up. Wants me to come in Jan. 5 for glucose test for gestational diabetes.
~January 5 Took horrible test. Took blood, drank diet coke tasting stuff and hour later had blood drawn again from same place, OUCH! Called me- said everything came back normal. Yay!!!
~January 24 Everything was fine w/baby. Nothing new.
~February 7 Just got over flu. Blood pressure was 124/90. Up just a little but they were not worried. Baby's heartbeat was 144 bpm. Doc told me I could take Mylanta gas relief (geeez, now you all know I was gassy!) for heartburn. Hearing the healthy heartbeat was absolutely wonderful!
~February 21 Everything sounds great. She says I'm 35 weeks now and when I come in next week they are going to do the pelvic exam. I have gained 31 pounds this pregnancy. Says I'm doing really good.
~March 2 Even after the fall yesterday the baby and I are fine. Heartbeat was 140 bpm. Baby is upside-down now and all ready to drop and come out. They latest she'll let me go is April 7th. Boy, I hope it doesn't go that long!!! I want a March baby. They did a strep-b test, but I don't know the results yet. Also, I lost a pound.
~March 7 Well I got off work an hour early today to go to the dr. office. My blood pressure was fine, but my ankles were really swollen. I had gained 5 and a half pounds in 2 days and was leaking fetal protein. She put me on complete bedrest except to use the bathroom and get something to eat. I also have to pee in a jar for 24 hours and go back friday morning. They also drew blood. I am positive for Strep-B so they'll hook me up to an IV during labor. No problem. (Yeah...before I knew what a pain in the arse an IV was.)
~March 9 Said I still can't go to work. I really need the money so that's a bad thing. She said the baby sounds fine and when the test results came in she said she'd let me slide. Not sure what that meant. I lost 2 pounds and the swelling was down considerably. Dr. said she won't let me go past my due date, which is good.
~March 12 Dr. visit was fine. Said baby sounded healthy. She is still watching me though. The urine sample said I was still leaking protein, enough that the insurance company won't freak out if she induces me. She is seeing me twice a week now and I have to go to the hospital twice a week for non-stress test on the baby where they listen to the heart for 20 minutes and I click this little button when I feel it move. Non-stress went great!
~March 16 We had to wake the baby up for the NST. I drank a glass of orange juice and that got it kickin'. Was having mild contractions.
Had 5 stress tests all-together. Next few entries were about being we'll go straight to the good part :)
~March 29 At hospital 6 am to start induction. 1 1/2 cm on arrival. They had to give me the pill 2 times to induce. Didn't work, but started hard contractions at 2 pm. At midnight, they gave me an epidural (didn't want one). The lady did it wrong and it came out. (It only numbed half of my body for about an hour. No one believed me that it came out...was NOT fun.) At 7 am on the 30th they decided to give me a second epidural instead of a c-section because I had only dilated to 4 cm. The lady could not get the second one in, after 4 or 5 tries, so another doctor did it. (That spawn-of-Satan took an HOUR to try with those 4 or 5 causing the hardest contractions OMG pain. Sean was holding me and singing...his legs went numb.) I had immediate relief. In the hour it took to put it in though I dilated to 9 3/4 cm and was all ready to go. At 8 I started pushing, painlessly and he, Isaac Miguel was born at 9:10 am on March 30, 2001. He weighed 6lbs 13oz and was 20 inches long.

I see I left out the part about them putting a heart monitor into his head. Yeah...into. Like, they screwed it into his tiny scalp. While I was pushing it came out and they had to put another one in. I had so many wires coming out of was insane!
We didn't know what he would be until he popped out. I knew that I really didn't want a boy - I had no experience with them. But, when she said it was a boy I let out this huge breath of air, that I realized I'd been holding until that moment, and cried with joy. He was here, he was my boy and Sean and I were in immediate love with him. Now that he's 7 I realize I was probably just delirious.