Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've sat here for 10 minutes and still can't think of a title.

So, I gave up on it and decided to just post already, lol. Giving a post a clever title is harder than it looks.

I've got some photos from the ride, but first I have to tell you a story.

The other day I took my mom and kids to Wal-Mart. I had the intention of letting Isaac pick out a Hot Wheel's car so he can work on expanding the collection that his Papa started. We made our selection of 3 cars and met mom at the front. While waiting in line he started acting up: not listening, making his sister cry, etc. I took a car away.
The whole point of the cars was a reward and I had told him before we went in that if he was good he could have them. So, bad behavior: lose a car.
Then we changed lines because that one was just too dang long and my mom went to another one. From that point lets just say that things went from bad to worse. I can't remember what he did to lose the other two cars, most likely it was his mouth. Because I'm a good mom I kept them in my hand with the intention of buying them and putting them away to use as a reward some other time: he had picked them out after all.
Again, I can't remember what he did but it had something to do with squishing his sister into the cart and then saying something about hating his family. So, I put the cars among the candy and told him that I was not buying them at all.
Cue the screaming like a wild banshee.
The lady in front of me and the cashier joked with me about remembering those days and glad it was over. I, amazingly, kept pretty calm and joked back with them. Normally I'd give in just so he'd hush, but I'm just tired of the tantrums. He's 7 for crying out loud! Anyway, the crying went on for about 7 minutes and I stood by customer service and waited for my mom to get through her line. A little old lady approached is the conversation that made my blood boil. Thing to note first: I have NEVER been rude to an older person...before this.

Old Woman: Can he have some gum, would that make him feel better?
Me: Uh, sure, if he wants some. That would be ok. (very nicely)
OW (to Ike): Do you want some gum?
Ike: screaming something that I knew meant 'I want my cars'.
OW: What? (looking at me like I've grown a second head)
Me: (still nicely) He wants his cars. I took them away because he wasn't behaving.
OW (to Ike): How old are you? Are you 5?
Isaac is still screaming, could care less about the conversation going on over his head.
Me: He's 7 (kinda sternly because I want her to get the point that he is too old to be acting like this and thinking that she'll say something like OMG 7 year old don't act like this, babies do.)
OW: 7? (with that OMG look) There must be something wrong with him then....
Me (in shock like no other): Yeah, I took his cars away because of his behavior. (saying it like I'm speaking to a child)
OW: (with utter contempt) Well, I'd give them back to him then...he's making a scene.
OK, internal convo from me: WTF did she just say???? Are you $hitting me? Oh no she didn't!
ME: He can make a scene all he wants. I'm not going to reward him for bad behavior.

At this point the lady was stammering something and I ignored her, she continued with offering gum (which I had to force Ike to take) and I noticed mom sitting there waiting so I just looked at her and asked "You ready to go?" She said yes and we just took off. That woman was still talking as I walked away.

Talk about going from 'ok with a situation' to pissed off in a heartbeat. Gah!!

Ok, now just so I can make this post as long as humanely possible I'm going to post a few pics. As always you can go to my flickr page to see them all :)
Before They Arrived
Checking InFashion Show
My favorite...Reginald :)
Bokeh Puppy
Ok, enough. This post is too long as it is, lol.

I'd appreciate any opinions on that Old Woman...and don't forget about voicing your opinion on the prize for my 1 Year Blogoversary (post below this one).


My Life My Life My Life said...

Oh I would have NO problem with your putting that woman in her place and letting her know SHE was out of line. Yes, it takes a village to raise a child but you dont 'beat' down the mom to do it! And you dont assume that there is something wrong with a child because they are having a tantrum! oh yeah...that does make my blood boil.

Amy said...

I am so glad for you that you didn't give him his toys back, just to quiet him! I can't make some people understand that you don't tell a child 'no' and then turn around and give them what they want. All that does is make things worse in the long run. I'm no perfect mother but it doesn't take much sense to figure that out.

You go girl!! You were nicer to the lady than I would have been :)

Kendra said...

Thank you both, so much. I've been on a mentally short fuse lately...just wanted to make sure it wasn't just me, lol. I'm used to older people telling me to spank them...she just totally 'shock and awed' me.

Anonymous said...

When my kids made a scene, all kids do at one time or another, not only would the toys be removed but their little body would be escorted to our car for a little "talk". Usually one swat and all was well. I know some people are against spanking, but if you met my kids you would realize that spanking is a form of discipline that has it's benefits. I 've met plenty of kids who have never been spanked and quite honestly they are brats. I'm proud of your stance.