Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Extreme Heat

Since my last post I feel better, though my son's attitude seems to be getting worse. I look forward to, and yet dread, school starting. Ike's teachers have already said that he should have counseling this school year. He is kinda OCD about things and they (and I) am afraid its affecting his relationships. Other than that is his weird temper, brought on by frustration. I just have this vision of him telling a counselor that he hates me, that I'm horrible and mean...God only knows what else...and then them calling social services or something. I really just don't know what I should do. And, quite honestly, I don't want them telling me he needs medication. I'm on the fence about this - I've seen where it has helped kids, but that was one case out of many. (I was a childcare center director for 3 years) I've seen plenty.

In other news, our house has been unbearably hot. Its been in the high 90's here, but the interior of my personal breadbox has been hotter than the outside temps. Part of it was due to our AC not wanting to work all the time and the other part was our fault. When we put our furniture in we stuck everything on the outside walls, which meant that our couch covered one air vent. So, the other night my husband and I got ambitious and changed the whole living room area around - and NOW it finally feels like a living room. Now it feels like home :). I'd take a picture and upload it if my entire family wasn't in various sleeping positions in it, lol. I'll wait on that one.
Sunday, since it was so hot in the house, I took Lylli to see Wall-E. I thought it was okay, but Lylli proclaimed it was AWESOME! as we were leaving the theater. Its funny because I don't remember her watching a whole lot of it. Most of it was her pacing around in our empty aisle.

Honestly, though - it was so hot outside and in our house that I would have watched PeeWee's Playhouse...I was desperate for a cool place to sit for a few hours.


My Life My Life My Life said...

Good Lord has it evahhhhhhh been hot! Although the past couple of days have been a little bit tolerable. This weekend we had a family reunion...YES in the 198 degree temp...okay it wasnt that bad but it felt like it.