Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Family Reunions Part 2

Sean and I drove to Oklahoma on Saturday to see his step-sis. (I love seeing them!) We left later than we had planned to and then this happened:


THAT is the photo of a blowout on HWY 44 at mile marker 24, lol. We had passed someone and were moving back into the right lane when we kinda heard a little pop and the van felt slightly funny. Even he wondered what it was, but by the time that we got to the side of the road we knew something was wrong. Thank goodness we had a donut AND he was with me when it happened. Yes, I am one of those women that can not change a tire.

We finally got there around 1 to a great surprise. Sean's step-mom, that he hasn't seen since he was 9, and 2 brothers (that he's never met before) were there. I have always wanted to meet Rosie and he has ALWAYS wondered about his brothers and wanted to meet them. As soon as he could he got them in the car with him and they went to Wal-Mart to get a tire. He was on cloud 9.


Willie is on the left and Roy is on the right. This shot is funny because we had put them in front of a bush - one of them spied the neighbor's dirty truck and said they should stand in front of it. We all laughed...then someone noticed the duck on the antennae and all was lost. See the duck above Roy's head?? They are definately brothers, lol.

*sigh* Boys

*Sigh* There is so much wrong with this :). But this one is worse:

Talk about a backache

The Fam

This is a shot of everyone. From left to right: Rosie, Willie, Sean, Roy, Erica and Baby E.

Oh, and if you've ever wondered about the pockets on pants like Willie is wearing: They can carry a 2 liter bottle of coke, no problem. I think he could have put Baby E in there, lol. We had SUCH a good laugh over the soda. What I wish I had gotten a photo of was his coat. He had a trench coat that kicked totally a$$.

And last, but NEVER least, I don't know if any of you remember, but Sean lost his half-sister in March of this year. Her name was Gloria, and while I still will not talk about the details of that day, I wanted to share something special with you. Rosie is her mother and brought this with her:


Gloria was cremated and this is one of the few 'urns' that hold her. Sean is the one holding the heart in the photo. I choked back a tear as I took this - but HAD to take the shot. You are missed Gloria, even by those who never got to meet you.