Sunday, June 14, 2015

Boxes of Fun

Back in October, for Lars' birthday, I bought him a subscription to Loot Crate. It is this awesome nerd subscription box that comes every month. He has gotten a new t-shirt nearly every month and stuff from Walking Dead to D&D.  Everyone here is so excited when it comes in - absolutely worth the money.

Even though I would give just about anything for my own Loot Crate subscription (momma wants some t-shirts too), right now I just can't afford it.  I did find a girly thing to get.

I know, I know - I'm not very girly.  Even though my desk area at work looks like I might be...

Wait, wait, wait...that is what it DID look like.  My fellow managers decided to decorate my new office space when I recently moved back to IT.  I'm the only girl in that department....I got asked more than once if it was my birthday.  Nope......not my birthday......

I've toned it down a little more. The name is all that remains.

ANYWAY, I desperately wanted my own monthly fun box and I found one called Ipsy. Its a 'Glam' bag.  What it boils down to is a makeup bag, some make-up or other beauty product and perhaps a brush every now and then.  Its half the cost of the Loot Crate.

I just got the bag for June today (its my second bag) and thought I'd take some pics of it.  It had been a while since I'd used my tabletop studio so I got it out and snapped a few pics.

This month I got a body butter that I can't wear to work because its Vanilla scented (it gives a co-worker migraines), brown eyeshadow, turquoise eyeliner (wha??), nail polish and foundation primer.  I have no idea what foundation primer is...and I'm a little concerned about eyeshadow that is in crayon form.  I think I'll give this a couple more months to see what kind of variations I get.  Maybe it will inspire me to be more of a girl.....:)

I still wish it was a Loot Crate....I mean, look at this stuff!!

A lot of stuff is missing - like all of the t-shits, a cool watch with numbers that are hidden until you tap the face, a blow-up crown, a pair of Groot socks, 8-bit styled sunglasses and a D&D bow-tie. You can see that can also see where it went...

In short, every month I get a girly beauty bag and Lars gets a kick-butt, awesome nerd box and I'm jealous.  The up side is that neither of the kids are begging me for my stuff :).